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Back in the mid 1990’s I lived in the town of Tualatin, Oregon.  There was a plot of lad in an area that couldn’t really be used for anything.  It was too small for commercial development, and the terrain didn’t lend itself to residential use (part of it drops off into freeway…).  Since a stream ran through it, the decision was made to make it a park.

The plans included setting part of it aside for native plants, cleaning the creek, nature paths, a baseball diamond and soccer field, playground equipment, and… UNISEX RESTROOMS!  People had a fit!  Seriously!  There were people that protested, stating that this was nothing more than the Liberal Agenda’s attempt to erode the moral fabric of America!  The furror continued for months.  I can’t remember if the parks department released any form of statement, but they did release the blueprints for the building showing four individual restrooms equipped with one toilet, one sink, and one lock.

The letters to the editor stopped.


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